Phil Jackson showing he can do what Ainge can’t

by James B. Terry

The Boston Celtics have a number of dead weight and bad contract players on their roster right now; Keith Bogans can be placed in both categories.

Danny Ainge is handcuffed because of this and he hasn’t been able to make major splashes in the offseason. The bad contracts limit cap space which means his biggest free agent catch wound up being Evan Turner, a signing that I like but I still understand that bringing him in is a complete gamble. The number of dead weight players made it impossible for the team to trade for a star like Kevin Love because when it was all said and done, Minnesota just didn’t think much of guys like Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger even if they’ve shown promise.

Or maybe Ainge is just building this team wrong. Let’s head to the Big Apple for a minute to see what Phil Jackson has done with the New York Knicks.

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Despite underwhelming 2014, Red Sox fans should be excited for 2015

by Michael Husson

The Red Sox currently sit in last place in the AL East, a position that no one thought was possible after last years magical World Series title run. Gone are many parts of that team with new bodies and upincoming rookies finding their way in the big league. Next season, however, seems to be a lot more promising for Red Sox Nation.  Continue reading


Five Takeaways from Patriots preseason game one

by Michael Husson

The Patriots spent all week in training camp with the Washington Redskins and it gave them some good competition and also some good game action for the season. The Patriots lost 23-7 but despite the end score, there were still some positives. Here are five takeaways from preseason game number one. Continue reading


Jon Lester’s return to Boston seems to good to be true

by Michael Husson

Last week, the Red Sox traded their ace starting pitcher Jon Lester to the Oakland A’s for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. A trade that lost a homegrown stud pitcher but added much needed offensive help. Lester is set to be a free agent at the end of this season and the Red Sox could be in the mix to bring the left hander back to Boston. but how real are those chances? Continue reading


Opinion: From hated to Classy? Here’s why LeBron is NOT classy

by Cam Yotch

Now I know here on Beantown Shakedown, we talk about Boston sports and all of its happenings. However, for my very first post here, I wanted to talk about a subject that really grinds my gears. What’s the subject you ask? It’s about the fact that everyone is trying to say LeBron James is “classy” for going back to his hometown, Cleveland. Continue reading


Athletes supporting good cause in #IceBucketChallenge

by Michael Husson

Chain videos have become something of popularity as of late with the first series being a “polar plunge” where friends would challenge other friends to jump into a body of water in cold temperatures. There was really no point to it other than challenging friends.

Now there is a chain video series that actually does have a point. The ice bucket challenge. A chain video that raises awareness for certain causes that have had Boston athletes doing it in awareness for ALS research in honor of Pete Frates.  Continue reading


C’s backcourt defense could be among league’s best

by James B. Terry

The honest and realistic Celtics fan in me has to inform all of you that the team isn’t looking that good right now.  On paper there isn’t much that they do well and if anything, they look a little better then the team that found themselves close to the bottom of the NBA last season.

But if there is one thing they do well, it will the defensive ability from their guards.

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John Farrell

Bullpen a big part of Red Sox fall

by James B. Terry

You can’t name just one reason as to why the Boston Red Sox have fallen out of contender status after taking home a World Series title last season.

There are many easy things to point out regarding their sudden fall.  They led the Major Leagues in runs scored last season and they were also second in batting average to go along with that.  Boston in currently 25th in runs and 21st in average.  Starting pitchers Clay Buchholz, Jake Peavy and Felix Doubront just were not the same on the hill, making most of the Red Sox starting rotation weaker than it was a season ago.

Despite all of this, you can’t forget about how disappointing the bullpen has been as well.

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