Red Sox need to be buyers heading into final season stretch

by Michael Husson

“Don’t call it a comeback.” This was something that Colin and I talked about in last weeks BTSD episode. Don’t look now but the Red Sox are starting to get on a roll over the past couple of series. With only ten days left to the MLB trade deadline, the Red Sox should be buyers to make a push for a playoff spot.  Continue reading


Turner creates position clog; offseason far from over

by James B. Terry

The Celtics brass had been silent as far as moves went following Kris Humphries getting traded last week but that all ended today.

This is a good source so I believe it will fall into place and Evan Turner will officially become the newest member of the Boston Celtics very soon.

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Miami Marlins v New York Mets

Red Sox could learn a thing or two from the…Mets

by James B. Terry

“We’re going to make it because we believe in ourselves.  We’ll be ready, and we’re gonna make the playoffs.  We’re going to be there.”

That quote was given to SNY by New York Mets closer Jenrry Mejia and my question is, why isn’t anybody on the Red Sox that confident?

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Editorial: A letter to the readers from Michael Husson

by Michael Husson

One day, Colin and I were listening to the local school radio channel, The Talon 105.3, on the way back to campus from a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts. As we tuned in we heard three of our senior friends (we were sophomores at the time) Mike Davies, Nick Vitukevich and James Connolly. They were talking about the Red Sox monumental collapse in the fall of 2012. This spiked my interest in their show “Beantown Shakedown.” I talked to Mike and he asked me to be a guest on the show the following week.

After the three of them graduated in 2012, Mike essentially passed the torch to Colin and I to continue the simulcast of BTSD on FPTV and The Talon. Our original plan was to ask different friends each week to do the show with us but that never worked. We asked James to do the show with us and the transition was so seamless that we just continued to do it with him.

And now we’re here, 25,000 views. No longer a television or radio show, but a website that we built from the ground up just a little over a year ago. As James mentioned in his post, I recently graduated from Franklin Pierce University with the two of them just behind me over the next year. As a journalism and media production major, my dream is to be a sports writer or sports journalist but that dream has been put on hold.

I recently started work for a production company and although that wasn’t the plan I expected to be a part of, careers work that way sometimes. So while most sites really do only care about the growing of the numbers, this is my true passion, to write about sports.

I have been a hardcore Boston sports fan for my entire life growing up in New Hampshire. I have been there for the bad and the good, the tears of sorrow and the cheers of happiness. Countless heartbreaks and unforgettable moments. Eight championships and a number of trips to the playoffs. Favorite players have come and gone but my love for the teams never left.

With all that being said, thank you to all of you who continue to make this a success for us as we continue to grow and find out ways to make this better. As long as you guys are here showing support and listening to what we have to say, we’ll keep writing.

Here’s to the next 25,000.

Michael Husson
BTSD Co-Founder


Opinion: Minihane crossed a line

by James B. Terry

During Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game, FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews conducted an uncomfortable in-game interview with National League starting pitcher Adam Wainwright.

Wainwright had told reporters after his night was over that he threw American League shortstop Derek Jeter a few “pipe bombs” and suggested he allowed the future Hall of Famer to get an easy hit to lead off the game.

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BTSD was nominated for best TV Show at the Fitzies last year.  It also won two awards for WFPC-LP 105.3. (L to R: Mike Husson, Zach Bylaska-Davies, James Terry, Colin Dailey) (Credit: Jen Connors)

A letter to readers from James B. Terry

Dear readers,

We hit 25,000 all-time views on this website last night and first and foremost I’d like to extend a thank you to everybody who helped us get to this point.

It’s been a little over a year since Colin, Michael and I launched this website; to be exact it has been a year and sixteen days.  So much has changed over this period of time and it has been nice to look back on all the change.

Our domain name has changed from http://www.beantownshakedown.wordpress.com to just http://www.beantownshakedown.com, we have a fancy new logo and the look of the website has changed overtime.

When we first launched this website Paul Pierce was still a Celtic, Tyler Seguin was a Bruin, Jacoby Ellsbury played centerfield for the Red Sox and Pat Chung, the greatest football player alive, wasn’t on the Patriots.  Things really do change fast.

Things in our personal lives have changed as well.  Mike graduated from Franklin Pierce University and Colin is just one semester away from doing the same.  I’m just another semester behind Colin but as our lives move on we still hope to continue strong with the blog and keep improving it as time goes on.

I looked back today at our most read articles and smiled.  It’s funny how the most random pieces can get views and it was also fun to look back at the last year in Boston sports.

We only have one piece that got over 500 views…and it got over 1,700 of them.  It was one that I wrote about a preseason basketball game between the Celtics and Knicks and it launched what I called “Babb-sanity.”  Why did it take over the internet?  I still have no idea, but I will say we owe a big thank you to Mr. Babb.

In fact, I was so excited over Babb-sanity that I pleaded all readers to hop on the Chris Babb bandwaggon, and that is our second most read piece.

The top five also includes Dustin Pedrioa signing his new contract with the Red Sox last summer, rumors of an Amare Stoudemire to the Celtics trade and a very random piece about fantasy football sleepers who emerged in week two of the NFL preseason.

Now for those regular readers, you may notice that this is the second time in two days I have written some emotional, reflective article, with yesterdays being my goodbye letter to Kris Humphries.

There’s a reason for it, I’m practicing for when the Celtics finally cut or trade Keith Bogans.  And regular readers also should know how I truly feel about him.  (The #BlameBogans movement for those of you not in on this)

Once again, thank you.  This project is only made special because I know there are people who care about what we have to say.  It took us a year to get 25,000 hits on the sight, I hope 50,000 comes a lot quicker!

Your friend,

James B. Terry


What does Ainge actually give up?

by James B. Terry

Danny Ainge has been known at times to be very trigger happy when it comes to making trades.

Since 2007, he has brought in a number of players who wound up becoming stars on the franchise such as Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and even guys who were not stars but still made an impact such as Glen Davis, Brandon Bass and Jeff Green.

But with every trade, the Celtics always have to give something up in return and that is what we are looking at today.  How did all these players pan out after they were sent away?  Who did the draft picks that Boston dealt get turned in to?

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Boston Celtics v Toronto Raptors

Bayless, Humphries, Pressey all make offseason headlines Tuesday

by James B. Terry

While baseball stole the show in the sports world yesterday, there was no shortage of Celtics headlines on Tuesday as Kris Humphries and Jerryd Bayless signed elsewhere, Boston allowed the contract of Phil Pressey to become guaranteed and the team officially singed Avery Bradley.

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A letter to Kris Humphries

Dear Kris,

When the Boston Celtics traded a pair of the most beloved franchise players in my lifetime just over a year ago, it was met with much grief from most fans.

When they saw the name Kris Humphries, two things came to their minds; you and All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo getting into a fight on Christmas day in 2012 or the negative media you had received for things in your personal life.

I saw something different, the Kris Humphries I saw would become the most competitive player the Celtics have had since I became a fan in 2001.

Plugged behind Vitor Faverani, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk and Brandon Bass on the depth chart it was a struggle just to get playing time.  Through four games, you had only played once and wound up playing just 28 minutes over the team’s first six games.  Every single minute was earned, nothing was given to you and yet you kept pushing on a team that was going nowhere, breaking into the starting lineup by the end of the season.

Your play reminded me so much of the Celtics that I was introduced to years ago.  When Boston made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2002, that team shouldn’t have been there, after Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker, they just weren’t that good.  But that team busted their ass night in and night out and was successful for that reason alone.  That roster would have loved to have a Kris Humphries on it, you would have been a perfect fit.

I wish you were still on the Celtics.  All season long on this blog I pleaded for Danny Ainge to begin working on something long term and it’s sad that nothing ever came of that.

Since Antoine Walker left, I’ve had trouble calling somebody on the team my “favorite” Celtic.  That was pretty easy this year.  Once I saw how hard you came to work every day, I instantly loved the player that was Kris Humphries.

Even if us Celtic fans didn’t want to admit it, we all knew it was going to be a long and hard season full of many losses, but it was you who kept me in on this team.  I knew as long as you were dressed that night, at least somebody was going to be playing hard and busting their ass for this team.

I have so much faith in Danny Ainge to one day soon turn this ship around and once again build a championship contender.  I wish you could be a part of that.  When Boston is finally back in the playoffs you may be on another roster, but I will always know you played a role in helping us get back.

Thank you, Mr. Humphries.  When the Wizards are in town, the crowd will give a standing ovation to Paul Pierce, and rightfully so.  But I’ll be standing for two player when their name is called; number 34 and number 43.

Best of luck next season and over the remainder of your basketball career.

Your friend,

James B. Terry


With new deal, Pastrnak could compete for NHL spot

by Michael Husson

When NHL teams sign their draft picks to entry level contracts after they have a year or two to grow  that typically means the player has a shot to make the big league roster. When a player who just gets drafted gets a contract that also usually means there is a chance he can make the NHL right away.

The Bruins signed first round pick David Pastrnak to an entry level deal on Tuesday which releases him from his contract from Sodertalje of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association.  Continue reading


New look Home Run Derby on trial tonight

by James B. Terry

The Home Run Derby is one of the most popular sporting events in the United States and that could actually be looked upon as a fact believe it or not.

The 2013 Home Run Derby, which was won by Oakland Athletics slugger Yoenis Cespedes at Citi Field, brought in more viewers to ESPN then any NBA playoff game on the network from earlier in that year.  (Keep in mind that the NBA Finals are broadcast on ABC, not ESPN)

This year, they’re adding a twist which could make the event draw in even more viewers as a new bracket style tournament will shake things up.

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